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Vented Comfort Butt Plug

[NC1877] Deeva, Div. Of Plastair
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Now there are some things one should never talk about, but this plug is so ingenious, I have to tell. Dr. Love's Vented Comfort Butt Plug has a bottom vent that prevents the build-up of air behind the plug. The vent works to stop the body's natural tendencies to try and expel the plug. The vent helps prevent those nasty cramps associated with wearing an anal plug, too. If you enjoy wearing an anal plug you'll adore wearing Dr. Love's Vented Comfort Butt Plug.

Product Attributes :

  • Bottom Vented
  • Length: 4 Inches
  • Width: 1.5 Inches
  • Color: Nude

    -- Racy Editorial Review --

  • I decided about 6 months ago that I really enjoyed the sensations wearing an anal plug afforded me. A friend told me about the Vented Comfort Plug, so I thought I would give it a try. I love it! The plug is not so large that it is uncomfortable to sit at my computer while wearing it. I am able to flex my bottom, and roll my pelvis forward and back, to get great stimulation while I am working. No one knows I have a sex toy inserted, and I have it in most days for multiple hours. I do recommend a long lasting lube for greater comfort.

  • My partner is really into backdoor sex. He likes to penetrate me every time we are intimate. I have found that exercising (that's what I like to call it) with this vented plug works to keep me in shape for my partner. I am able to exercise with the plug for extended periods of time due to the vent. I don't wind up feeling bloated. If your sex partner is similar to mine, I highly recommend this plug and a generous application of lube.

  • I have recently decided that I prefer engaging in sexual intercourse with men; however, my backside is not trained to accept what most men have to offer. My gay friend told me about using this vented plug as a trainer. I like it because it is small on the introducing end and widens as it is inserted. It is always that initial penetration that gets me every time, so I like using something smaller to begin with. I have also found that applying a little numbing spray onto my rectum prior to inserting makes a huge difference. I am able to keep the plug in for long periods of time as a result of the vent. I don't get painful cramps; I just enjoy the stimulation. Now, when my friends come knocking, I am open for business.

    What is your experience with the Vented Comfort Butt Plug? would like to know.

  • 7 Reviews ( 4.4/5 ) 

    seems stiff.. unsmooth with the mold line still on both sides
    to tell u the truth, used one such thing during a backdoor illness! the experienced was so good that now i am a regular fan and this bird, well it's my favorite!
    I agree for the most part. the only issue I encountered was the 'handle' seems a little small. If it (the handle) were a little stiffer and a little longer, I would not worry about it disappearing...
    I have tried several different butt plaugs and this one is the easiest to use for extended periods of time. I have actually fallen asleep with it in and woken no worse for the wear except in desperate need from the drawn out stimulation. It is also a fantastic precurser to anal sex.

    Buy it. You won't be disappointed. I swear by it...just don't forget the lube. ;)
    Very pleasurable. Vent is much more comfortable for prolong/extended use, as pressure is releaved. May seem smaller, but is very stimulating. I definately recommend this one. You will always want to wear it. (Just rember to use plenty of silicone based lube, you will love it.)
    vents pressure out small butt stays in just fine ad 2 your grocery shopping butt plug collection i recemend this one
    I love it, it feel so great when you insert it. You can rock back and forward in your seat to work it around. It's simply wonderful! This is absolutly the best plug for extended wear. No one will ever know your wearing it.

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