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There are many reasons to be glad that we've been born in the age
that we are. Indoor plumbing, iPod's, Chinese take-out, Tivo, cell
phones, online shopping, and free delivery to name a few. All
wonderful conveniences of the modern world that our sisters of past
generations had no access to. But what could really rock your boat
and leave you wondering how you ever lived without it, you may not
have even tried!

Admit it. You've heard of it. And you've THOUGHT about it. You may
have even caught yourself looking at one, only to run off, red-
faced. But, it's time to face your fears and take the plunge.

It's time to buy a SEX TOY.

(Cue Horror music.)

Now, wait a minute, before your mind completely shuts down to this
new thought, hear me out.

There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.

In fact, it could actually be a great tool for you to figure out
what really turns you on!

And you're not the only one! In the 1980's, the sex toy industry
had a couple hundred toys available for, shall we say, public
consumption? Then in the 1990's, they were selling thousands. Now,
in 2006, there are literally hundreds of thousands of toys to
choose from. And most of the products are for women!

That doesn't happen if there's no demand for a product.

You're in great and ever expanding company.

With that modern convenience of online shopping, a couple of clicks
and your new special friend will be sent to you in plain old
wrapping, like it was some sort of facial product! No one's the
wiser, but you!

So stop looking for lame excuses why not to buy one and let's
figure out what's gonna make your kitty purr.

I talked to David Levine, the manufacturer of many sex toys and he
told me what I had suspected all along. The vibrator, not a
diamond, is a girl's best friend. David said the vibrator, in ALL
of its incarnations, sells like crazy. Why you ask? (Really? You
have to ask?) Well, to be perfectly blunt, any gentleman out there
can act as "dildo", but no man out there can outperform a vibrator.
(If you DO know of a man that can, give him my number, please!)
That buzzing sensation can curl toes and help women who never have
before, reach a big, oh, oh, OH! in seconds.

And vibrator shopping can be like any other kind of shopping, say
shoes! There's something for everyone. You can find what's right
for you. There are big vibrators, in bright colors and there some
that just look like hand massagers... (Ahh, the Hitachi wand, my dear
friend!!!) There are even little mini ones in the shape of a
lipstick! An orgasm never looked so cute!

You can buy ones that are remote controlled, waterproof and with
different speeds and oscillations. In fact, David said the "Egg"; a
wireless, waterproof vibrator sells out all the time. (So that's
what really going on in those long bubble baths, huh?) I also love
the rubber duckie vibrators that you can leave out on the edge of
your bathtub and even your mother wouldn't know.

The price for these new little friends can fit any lady's budget
too, from a few dollars to almost ninety for all the bells and

The Rabbit
Now, the top seller is a little thing called "the Rabbit."
Actually, it's not so small and I think it kind of looks like a
Hello Kitty space ship. David warned me that the Rabbit was not
really for first timers because it was very "intense."

Hmmm. Intriguing, no?

Apparently, and this is where I get technical, there's a penis-
shaped shaft that swirls around inside you, while another part goes
to town up front, with little "rabbit ears" that vibrate and tickle
your clitoris. One stop shopping and all your needs met.

My friend, Jennifer graciously volunteered to be the hamster in our

(Hamster? Rabbit? What are we talking about again? Oh yeah, sex

Jennifer called me with a shit-eating grin on her face so big; I
could see it through the phone. She had to agree that while the
rabbit was a bit too "intense" at first (she had to move the rabbit
ears off, but after some adjustment she was rocketed into the
fourth dimension for one of the best Os of her life!

So, I was right about the space ship!

One word: INTENSE.

Ok, for some, maybe for most, the rabbit could be too much of a
good thing. And maybe the vibrator isn't for you. You want the
feeling of having sex, hitting that G-spot. Well, then, a dildo is
for you!

Getting a dildo is a great way to actually practice on your own and
find out what really feels good. You can tilt your new friend up in
varying degrees to find your sweet spot, which in turn can make for
better sexual experiences later.

There are dildos made especially curved to find that ever elusive
G-Spot, which is valuable information you can pass on to your lover
later on.

The great thing about the dildos now-a-days (not an opener you get
to use all the time, hello!) is that they are more life-like. You
have more colors and sizes to choose from. Some dildos can be
heated up to make you experience feel more real. And the materials
they use to make them feel more like flesh and less like silly

Sex Toys for the Both of You
A lot of couples like to share in the fun of sex toys. Do you?

This can be a very sensitive subject for some men and for others,
it's "sign me up!" Bring up the subject playfully. Maybe ask him
what some of his fantasies are. Then you can tell him one of yours.
Keep it light. See if he's game. I've had boyfriends of both
persuasions: those who thought it would be fun and those who
didn't. But the only way you'll know is if you ask.

Some guys may be into helping out with the vibrator or dildo. Some
guys get REALLY turned on by watching you masturbate with a toy.
David told me some guys are even relieved of the pressure to make
their ladies orgasm (lazy boys!)

But some men out there are threatened by these toys, because the
toys can bring their woman to climax easier, faster and sometimes
more powerfully than they can. As my friend Steve said about his
girlfriend's Rabbit, "It's a bone of contention." Ouch!

If that's the case, may I suggest a real up and comer (pun intended)
that is fun, fun, fun for the both of you? It's called
the vibrating c**k ring. It's a small rubber ring you slip on your
man and with every thrust; its vibrations deliver an extra
thrilling sensation for you and for him! It also makes your guy's
erection harder by trapping in blood flow. David tells me this is
the new star of the sex toy world.

You can also go for a little old fashioned S&M. There is something
very exciting about the exchange of sexual power. Discuss with your
man who wants to be the dominant one, what's cool to do and what's
not beforehand, then have fun!

There are great little S&M starter kits, with gentle fabric or faux
fur lined restraints for wrists and ankles. Blindfolds are always
nice too, heightening your senses and arousal. Think of the food
scene in "9 1/2 Weeks." A MUST HAVE in any couple's adult toy chest.

Of course there are plenty of other things you can try out; some
tame (massage oils, dice with sexual positions on them) and then
there's some really kind of eccentric stuff that it would just hurt
to type. (Hey, something for everyone... as the saying goes, "No
pain, no gain, right?")

But my bet is that you'll find more than one thing worth buying.
David told me it's rare for a customer to order less than three
items, saying, "Once they're on, they just keep buying."

Happy shopping!
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