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Pink Lady Fleshlight

[FL7002] Fleshlight interactive life form

This Product Has Been Discontinued

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The Original Pink Lady Fleshlight

Who says it takes two to tango? Introducing the perfect partner and you don't have to buy her dinner! The Fleshlight is here and ready for her close-up. Introduce yourself to this luscious lady and see if you don't fall in LUST with this hot pink gal. Simply slide on into her sultry sensations and play as fast and furious as you see fit! You'll find this hot little number too good to be true and so realistic you'll buy her flowers afterward!

The Original Pink Lady has introduced more men to the pleasures of the Fleshlight than any other insert. When you penetrate this lady, be prepared to take sexual gratification to new and exciting levels. This smooth textured insert is a realistic recreation of a young woman's vagina.

Product Attributes

  • Fleshlight's Patented SuperSkin Sleeve Insert
  • Black Plastic Case For SuperSkin Insert
  • Black Metal Canister Storage Case Included
  • Length: 10 Inches (approx)
  • Insertable Length: 8 Inches (approx)
  • Circumference At Largest Point: 8 Inches (approx)
  • External Diameter At Largest Point: 4 Inches (approx)
  • Internal Canal Diameter: 3/4 Inch (19 Millimeters) (approx)
  • Weight: 20 Ounces (approx)
  • Non-Allergenic, Latex Free
  • Interactive Life Forms, Inc. is pleased to assure it's customers that the Fleshlight material DOES NOT CONTAIN phthalates.

    Care and Usage Guide :

    ***ATTENTION! : There may be a white plastic tube located inside your SuperSkin masturbation sleeve. If so, remove and discard this tube. It is used for shipping purposes only, and can cause bodily harm if not removed prior to use. Removal is easiest if the SuperSkin sleeve is taken out of its case.

    FOR BEST RESULTS, remove the SuperSkin sleeve from the plastic case. Place it in warm water, warming the SuperSkin sleeve to the desired temperature. Lightly shake the excess water off and put the sleeve back into the Fleshlight case.

    1. Lubricate yourself, the orifice entry and the internal canal of the masturbation sleeve USING ONLY WATER-BASED LUBRICANTS. The use of other types of lubricants, such as oil or silicone-based, may deteriorate the SuperSkin sleeve.

    NOTE: Be sure to use enough lubricant to allow for comfortable use and to prevent friction which may cause irritation.

    2. Use your Fleshlight product as you would during sexual penetration.

    TIP: The small end cap of the Fleshlight case creates suction during use. Tightening and loosening the cap will adjust the suction intensity.

    3. After use, remove the SuperSkin sleeve from the case and run warm water through it, and the case, to remove fluid deposits. For tough cleaning, we suggest using a small amount of isopropyl alcohol.

    NOTE: Using soap or detergents to clean your SuperSkin masturbation sleeve will deteriorate the surface of the material!

    4. Towel or air dry the SuperSkin sleeve, and put it back into the case for storage. Excess moisture may generate mold. (Although not necessary, re-powdering will restore the sleeve to its original silky feel. To maintain that soft feel, sprinkle a liberal amount of corn starch on the sleeve and shake off the excess powder. We do NOT recommend the use of talcum or baby powder. NOTE: Powdering an Ice Fleshlight masturbation sleeve with anything other than corn starch will cause it to cloud over and lose its clear quality.

    -- Racy Editorial Review --

  • It's not that I don't enjoy the real thing, it just that my Fleshlight allows me to have effortless, selfish sex. I don't always have the energy or desire to work to turn someone else on, so that they can turn me on. I can easily heat up my Fleshlight with a sink full of hot water, and slick it up with a shot of lube. After a quick layer of lube on my rod, I slide right into my Fleshlight on a sigh of anticipation that turns into ecstasy, and effortlessly ends on satisfaction. I can easily increase or decrease the vaginal pull of my Fleshlight by turning the adjustable end cap. The sucking noise she makes when I withdraw is a little odd, but the feel of her pulling against me is definitely not. When I want a quickie without all the work, I grab my Fleshlight.

  • I use my Fleshlight as a stamina trainer. I used to be the type of guy who would climax almost at the site of a hot, beautiful, waiting clit. Then I invested in my Fleshlight. It closely simulates a real woman. The look of the product is so perfect. The little clit nub nestled into the full lips really pleases my visual side. The velvety, silkiness of the lips as I pull them apart, and prepare to enter, takes me to the next level. Then the feel of the warmed, lubricated canal as it encloses around my shaft is incredible. In the past I would have exploded at this point, but after having "practiced" with my Fleshlight 20-30 times, I can last as long as my partner needs me to. I would recommend the Fleshlight to anyone who wants to increase their stamina, or to any virgins out there who want to "get ready" for the big first night.

  • I am a long time user of Fleshlight products, and I just wanted to pass along a few hands-free positions I have tried that work for me. The fastest, and easiest, hands-free set up is to wedge the shaft of your Fleshlight into the toe of a shoe. Then slide the shoe in between the mattress and box spring of the bed, or between the couch cushions and the couch. Then you just press down on the top cushion, like you are hanging onto your woman, and thrust away. The shoe will hold your Fleshlight in place as you play. The second method is to roll your Fleshlight into a yoga mat, and then roll the mat into a sleeping bag roll. The rubber yoga mat sticks to the plastic case on your Fleshlight, and the sleeping bag adds bulk. When you are done encasing your Fleshlight you will have the perfect woman's hips to grab onto as you are plunging into your Fleshlight. Just make certain you keep your eyes closed and your imagination open. My final hands-free method is definitely my preference. I use my Fleshlight to simulate a ménage à trois with my partner. I hand over the controls to my woman. She strokes my member, using my Fleshlight, with one hand, while using her mouth to caress my balls. Then she turns around, and on all fours, she presents me with her backside. She erotically tucks my Fleshlight between her thighs, snuggling it against her clit. From my perspective I am looking at the esteemed decision of choosing which vagina to penetrate. It really isn't much of a decision at all because I end up doing them both! Now I have a set of real hips to grip as I plunge into my Fleshlight. What an amazing, hands-free, experience!

  • My job takes me on the road 32 weeks out of the year, and a man has needs. My Fleshlight has become my right hand in satisfying those needs. My Fleshlight is so easy to stash into my suitcase. It's metal case keeps my prize possession safe between stops. I have found that the more I use my Fleshlight the more sensitive I am when I come home to my wife. Masturbating using my hand worked to desensitize my penis. It was a very rough means to an end. Now that I have my Fleshlight's soft canal to masturbate into, I find that sex is back to what I remember as a youth. Don't get me wrong. This transformation didn't happen over night. Like I said, I am on the road a lot of the time; I have had lots of hours to devote to my Fleshlight. It took about 30 uses to break in my Fleshlight, and for me to get that "first-time" feeling back. Be patient; it will all be worth it in the end.

  • Using a Fleshlight doesn't feel exactly like a real woman, but I have discovered that if I warm my lube, along with my Fleshlight, it comes admirably close. It is easy to toss my lube tube into the sink with the Fleshlight. Both tools are ready at the same time. The Fleshlight mandates that you use a water-based lube to keep your investment damage free. I have found that all water-based lubes dry up after a handful of stroking minutes. My solution is to keep a squeeze bottle of warm water handy. When I start to feel the well drying up, I just remove the end cap, squirt a little warm water into the end of my Fleshlight (while my penis is still inside), and slowly withdraw my penis. This re-hydrates the lube, and I am ready for lots more fun. I love the feel of the Fleshlight as I am pulling out just after I cum. The suction and soft, pliable feel of the canal goes that extra mile in replicating a real vagina as I disengage. The quick, slimy release of my masturbating hand never felt nearly as satisfying. Clean-up of the Fleshlight is pretty simple. You just remove the insert and run lots of hot water down the inner canal. Personally, I end up getting lube and cum everywhere, so I always run water and wipe out my entire Fleshlight. If I just want a quickie without all the clean-up, I dress myself up in a condom first.

  • Preparing my Fleshlight is like foreplay to me. I got a little impatient with the warm water bath technique, so I improvised. I use a blow dryer to heat my Fleshlight up nice and fast. The SuperSkin material is designed to retain heat, so I take my time pretending I am fingering my woman's female parts as I apply lube to the clit and labia. After a generous lube bath for me, I am hard and ready to penetrate. I like to use my blow drying technique to dry my Fleshlight when I am done cleaning her, too. It's a fast way to ensure I have her nice and dry for storage. I leave the end cap loose when I put my Fleshlight away to encourage good air circulation when not in use.

  • I have pulled out my Fleshlight to use, and have found the SuperSkin a little bit tacky. I was instructed by Interactive Life Forms, Inc. that it is okay to still use my Fleshlight. It just means that the sleeve was not quite dry from its last use. I was also informed that the sleeve may start to exhibit some dark spots, but that they are okay, too. I was told to use some isopropyl alcohol to lighten the spots, and to be certain to dry my Fleshlight really well prior to storing. I have started running a dish towel through my Fleshlight's vaginal canal, and leaving a dry cloth inserted to allow the absorption of any excess moisture. This seems to have solved all of my storage dilemmas.

    What is your experience with the Fleshlight? would like to know?

  • FAQs

    I accidentally the whole fleshlight! What do I do?

    Ok, well first stay calm. Then see if you can unaccidentally the whole thing. Then apply ice and drink chamomile tea.

    11 Reviews ( 4.6/5 ) 

    the penetration was better than any original pussy, fuckin love you
    The products came in good condiction and it made for easy cleaning before use. The items were a gift for my lover and with all the press and promotion about the flesh jack he know what they where. The feeling of the warm materal and lube was unlike anything we had felt before. The product did what was supposed to do (get us off). I would say the only two reasons why it did not get a 100% from us was the mataince after use (starching them after cleaning is a little much) and the other is the listed price. Though each standard product is about $46.00 buying two at $89.00 is not a big savings. In the context of buying all the parts and putting them in one order yes it would save the advertized amount which is not really an apples to apples deal when you look at a standard custom product price. Overall we plan on buying two more as gifts for others as flesh lights for our straight freinds.
    Maybe its just me or just bad timing but I wasnt as thrilled with this as I expected to be. I wont say its bad but I wont say its great either.
    mmm...this is my first review.. I'm in awe....simply the best next-thing to not having a real woman's pussy, (using my Fleshlight while my girlfriend joins me..easily can stimulate a threesome). I'm so very pleased to have & use my pink lady w/speedbumps (my fav) and it is the ultimate pleasure, a priceless toy and so delicously purr-fect! Five years now w/mine, w/lots a 'hard-long miles of use, I wish they'd been invented 35 years ago, yes every man should have one on hand to use, truly the greatest way to stay fit 'n ready for real action, it keeps an already very calm me, even more calmer, haha! I'm just another completely stimulated customer, and I'm sure many millions are more to come! Cheers to the greatest male sex toy ever...the Fleshlight! ps...I'm looking forward to someday reading an actual book from the many users, the creative guide by advanced users with their Fleshlight, as I feel I could easily fill-in a good chapter or just helping others to share new an exciting ways to use their already playful Fleshlight:)
    I have never put much stock into toys, I've tried a few that were terrible and cost a lot. But this one is everything they say it is. Absolutely wonderful!
    is it ok if i accidentally the whole thing?
    I had a few issues with this toy, a bit hard to get over the stigma. I mean it is okay for my wife to have a rabbit, but for some reason. I had a hard time getting over the mental roadblock. With the support of my wife I went ahead and got one. This is a great tool - I am not sure toy is the right word. This is a tool for a job and really good at what it does. I think this would be a much less tense world if everyone owned one.
    this is the greatest male toy every made at a great price
    How does jacking off with a toy make you look gay?
    I travel alot for work and this toy helps me stay sane when I am away from home. This feels so much like a real vagina and great friction sliding in and out! The best part is you can go at it hard or slow and no complaints.
    Damn, I wish I had one of these growing up. Finally a guy's toy that doesn't make you look gay or a perv. This is probably the nicest toy I've used.

    It feels real, and yes I've had sex with many women. Sometimes I just don't want to make the effort. The pink lady is effortless. I found out after a few weeks that a hand on the other hole creates a whole new sensation. Mixing it up masturbating is needed.

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