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Sexual fetishes are generally described as when an "object of desire" is necessary for sexual arousal and/or satisfaction. The object could be lingerie, costumes, or panties. The fetish also could be with a body part, such as, breasts, butts, or feet are the more popular ones. Some less famous categories of fetishes include fat, blood, diapers, urination, and defecation.

Now, granted some fetishes are extreme such as sadomasochism, exhibitionism, or voyeurism. Not to say that there is anything wrong with those, within reason of course, but at, we like to look at the lighter side of this world; a more beginnerís view you might say.


Clothing Fetish

Some people love to see others in sexy clothing i.e. lingerie, panties, costumes, etc. The clothing itself is a turn on and one that can bring a new found exuberance to a relationship or to one's own sexual experience. Cross dressing is the most recognizable fetish dealing with clothing. has numerous articles of clothing to satisfy anyone's clothing fetish. Check out our sexy baby doll lingerie for some skimpy fun. Or how about our great selection of costumes like our school girl line. Some people just love panties that look and feel soft and sexy. How can you go wrong?


Doll Fetish

A sex doll or love doll fetish is a sexual fantasy in which an individual is attracted to doll like objects. Individuals become sexually aroused when touching, viewing, or having sex with these sex dolls. Some people enjoy just the company of such love dolls and become aroused by just watching them. has a great selection of love dolls for any occasion and budget. The Aria Giovanni Love Doll and the Private Secretary Love Doll are two of the more popular dolls and vary in price. Other dolls include the futuristic doll and the fun love doll.


Anal Fetish

Anal fetish relates to a person's sexual arousal with another person anus and/or performing something sexual with an anus. has anal toys such as anal beads, butt plugs, and unique anal toys such as little zinger.


Foot Fetish

People that have a foot fetish love feet. They love to hold, touch, kiss, massage, lick, and perform sexual acts with feet. If you like to massage feet, you can use Body Kiss edible massage oil for touching and kissing. also offers vibrating products for stimulating feet and other body parts such as, Hitachi Magic Wand or try a tongue dinger. Whatever your desired foot fetish, has you covered. So go ahead and experiment, that's what life is all about.


Cleavage Fetish

Breast fetishes obviously deal with women's breasts. Some individuals become extremely aroused when viewing, touching, licking, massaging, or watching others do the above mentioned actions. offers products to enhance one's breast fetish like the Mesh Peek-a-Boo Teddy, or Mesh & Lace Trim Open. Other products include Pastease Sweety Assorted or a multi colored candy bra. Breasts and more breasts, has you covered, but not the breasts!


Bondage Fetish

Bondage play can be extremely arousing sexually as well as fun to try. For individuals that have a bondage fetish, bondage can take the form of many unique ways. Some light in nature to others that are down right hard core. offers many products to help people satisfy the lighter side of their bondage fetish, these include nipple clamps, whips and paddles, cuffs, and bondage tape. For beginners to bondage, has bondage kits that help ease you into the fantasy world of bondage. Bondage fetishes can be fun and exciting, provides you with products to help enjoy it.


Medical Fetish

Medical Fetish refers to sexual fantasies involving doctors, objects, practices, environments and situations medical in nature. A hot nurse is the prime example. We have a whole category of great nurse costumes. Bring on a little more realism with a Hospital Nurse Stethoscope. For an even better bargain get the doctor's outfit. It even comes with a stethoscope. Playing doctor and nurse has been a fetish most of us have thought about at onetime or another. will supply you with the fun items to enhance your medical fetish.